Dragonfly Cakes
Converting cake lovers to customers



Dragonfly Cakes is a boutique bakery, one of just a handful in the country, that makes petits fours by hand. We met at The Fancy Foods Show in San Francisco right after they had just opened. I was drawn from across the room by the most beautiful miniature cakes I had ever seen. As I went for my third mind-blowing mini cake, I asked if they were looking for creative partners. Lucky for me, they were!


Whimsy and fun are the overarching creative cues for this site. We created a site that talks to the bakery's passion for their craft—and then immediately takes users into photos and delectable descriptions of Dragonfly's petits fours. Getting the cake descriptions just right was a thoroughly enjoyable challenge—one that added 5lb to my waistline.

Within two years—and without any other considerable advertising efforts—the company went from a small upstart to creating custom products for Gump's Department Store in San Francisco, Willams-Sonoma, and the macdaddy of retailers, Costco.

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