Connecting with the natural products customer


ShiKai was launching two new products into the crowded natural body products market. They asked us to help them establish a brand voice and look, while also finding a way to maintain the individuality of their product lines.What's more, they wanted to meld the scientific focus that resonated with their main customer base with a more contemporary vibe to attract more mainstream customers.


Whittling down a wide variety initial conceptual directions, we landed on a clean and simple voice and design. Short, succinct copy quickly communicates key product benefits and a new tagline brings in the science part and helps define the company’s approach and philosophy. The results was a successful launch of both products—and the introduction of a new overall brand feel. (Collaboration with Benitez Design)
To see what's different about Very Clean(TM), get your hands very dirty.
Introducing a liquid hand soap that takes cleaning seriously.
Sink your fingers into some mud. Slather your hands with fish oil, bicycle grease, motor oil—even paint. Then head to the sink with ShiKai Very Clean Hand Soap. Unlike most hand soaps, Very Clean is specially formulated to cut through grease and oil gently—without harsh ingredients—to clean even the dirtiest hands.

Don't just hydrate dry skin on your face. Heal it.
ShiKai Borage Dry Skin Therapy Facial Care helps heal dry skin on your face with the most effective ingredient found in nature—borage oil. Using the oil from the borage flower, it drenches the skin with an essential omega-6 fatty acid that helps cells trap and retain moisture. Gentle enough to use daily, it's serious help for seriously dry skin.

What to pick up when other lotions have let you down.
ShiKai Borage Dry Skin Therapy isn't just a lotion—it's therapeutic relief at the cellular level. Using oil from the borage flower, it drenches the skin with an essential omega-6 fatty acid that helps cells retain moisture. The result? Soft, itch-free skin. Finally.