Zimmbäcker Braided Temptations
Getting hand-braided pastry into customers' carts



Zimmbäcker makes the most fantastic handmade pastries that take you back to the days of Old Europe. Unfortunately, their copy did too. We were tasked with bringing this old-world style pastry up-to-date with new brand voice and package design that would appeal to today’s modern consumer.


The package copy and design quickly highlight the main selling benefit—a quick and easy frozen pastry that's made with a handmade touch. The new brand pays homage to the Zimmbäcker heritage and is clear about the product benefits and the ease of use of this grocery product.
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Taste the old-world artistry that goes into each Zimmbäcker Braided Temptation. We start with the finest ingredients, creating small batches to ensure homemade taste and quality, hand-braiding each loaf and baking it to perfection. Each loaf is then frozen instantly, locking in just-out-of-the-oven freshness, ready for you to warm at home, drizzle with icing and enjoy.
It’s the perfect indulgence that’s easy enough for every day.