Spectrum Organics Grill Sauces
Heating things up in the grill sauce section



Spectrum Organics needed packaging copy and design for their new line of premium grill sauces that would make the sauces stand out in the crowded culinary oil section of the grocery store. These new  labels needed to instantly grab shoppers’ attention, spark usage ideas in the mind of the consumer, and establish a significant presence in an area of the store teeming with upscale brands competing for market share.


An competitive assessment showed that while many sauces had attractive packing, it was often hard to discern the specif flavor profile or easy get usage ideas. To counter this, we used a brief line of copy to  quickly define the flavor profile and made the key main ingredient the dominant visual. The side label copy evokes a sense of place, weaving in flavor and usage info with cultural details of the region or city the sauce itself is from. (Collaboration with Benitez Design)
Cajun Barbecue
A place of meandering conversations, boisterous revelry and soulful jazz, New Orleans is also the birthplace of Cajun cooking. Crafted from an authentic Louisiana recipe, our Cajun Barbecue sauce is a convenient way to experience this uniquely American culinary tradition. Savory tomato flavors meld with sweet molasses, a mélange of spices and fiery Cayenne pepper.
Malay Asam
Indochina is home to exotic landscapes, ancient ruins, sweeping ocean vistas, and the esteemed tamarind tree with its sweet, tangy fruit. Our Malay Asam sauce captures this distinct flavor, common to all Southeast Asian cuisines, and adds a hint of pineapple for a modern twist. With it’s complex medley of savory, sweet, and tangy notes, this versatile sauce invites experimentation.
Cuban Mojo
From the vibrant nightlife of Havana to the colonial charm of Trinidad and the palm-fringed beaches of the Veradero, one taste of our classic Cuban Mojo instantly evokes images of its native land. An artful blend of tangy citrus flavors or orange and lime, with hints of garlic and cumin, it compliments lighter meats like fish, chicken and pork.