Spectrum Organics Artisan Olive Oils
Changing the way customers think about olive oil



Spectrum Organics was relaunching their highest end product line—specialty olive oils that showcase the unique characteristics of single olive varieties, much like the different varietals of wine. We were tasked with clearly communicating this exclusivity.


The first letter of each varietal’s name gives these bottles instant recognition as a family—uniting them while also making it easy to instantly differentiate between flavors. The product copy clearly speaks to each oil’s unique flavor profile, a must since consumers are not used to differentiating between varietals of olive oil as they are with fine wine. (Collaboration with Benitez Design)
Cultivated in central and southern Italy, for millennia, the Frantoio is one of Italy’s most prized olives. This organic olive oil seamlessly blends youthful aromas of grass and green banana with bright flavors of green tea and apple, ending with a balanced dose of peppery pungency.
Crafted from organic Arbequina olives grown in the Catalonia region of Northern Span, this golden olive oil rich and buttery in texture. Finely balanced, it evokes flavors of artichoke, almonds are apricot with just a hint pepper in the finish.
Wild Chemlali olives band-harvested in Tunisia give this organic oil a rich green-gold color and complex flavors that command attention. Intriguing scents of eucalyptus and mint meld with herbaceous flavors—tomato leaf, artichoke and fresh-cut grass— leading to an intense peppery finish