Yahoo! Shopping
Creating buzz with the world's largest snowglobe



Yahoo! needed something big to grab shoppers attention in Times Square on Black Friday and get them thinking about going online for their gift buying.


From brainstorming initial concepts, to developing the look and feel, creating signage, and working with the production company to iron out build details, this project was big fun. Inside the snow globe, kids had their pictures taken with Santa—while kids of all ages played with Yahoo! Shopping on computers set up inside. The snow globe received over 2 million visitors a day, with an additional 850,000 consumers on the street getting exposure as they passed by.
Fun facts about the world's largest snow globe.
How big is the snow globe?
If you think of it like the Earth, our snow globe is a littler larger than 16 feet at the "equator." This makes it the world's largest.
How many candy canes would fit inside the snow globe?
Well, that depends on the size of the candy canes, of course. Using the average dime store variety, somewhere around 20 million.